I’ve always loved words. I learned how to read by simply….reading. I absorbed endless stacks of books, spending most of my childhood reading high up in a tree, dreaming of the places only books can take you. I laid on my back and made up stories in my head for hours, and now that I’m “grown up”, I love to hear old stories and share new stories. I wonder at the way words strung together can make me feel so much emotion, joy and sorrow, or both at the same time! When life gets hard, I find the most healing in writing; in the midst of pouring my heart out, it has been where God has met me with truth and love. He has given me words when all else has failed, and I finally realized it’s about time I write them down here.

This site was a dream I’ve had for a long time: to write articles and stories for people just like you to read! For the love of writing, for the love of sharing life, for the love of stories, for the love of words….I’m glad you’re here.

Thank you for stopping in to read!

– JM